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  • आज : २०७४ फागुन १३ गते
    Headlines :

    Heavy rainstorms sweep across Greece, Symi island in state of emergency

    संसार न्यूज संवाददाताकार्तिक २९, २०७४

    15 Nov, ATHENS – Heavy rainstorms were sweeping across a large part of Greece on Tuesday, causing flash floods and extensive damages in many cases, and mostly on Symi island on the eastern Aegean Sea, which has been declared in a state of emergency, local authorities said.
    The adverse weather phenomenon, which Greek meteorologists named “Eurydice” after a nymph in ancient Greek mythology, has hit the country from the west to the east starting from the weekend.
    Strong showers flooded dozens of homes, farms and rural roads at Corfu island in the Ionian Sea, the cities of Ioannina and Igoumenitsa in western Greece as well as the area around the city of Nafplion in the eastern Peloponnese peninsula.
    Gale-force winds also knocked out electricity poles and trees and damaged dozens of cars in the affected areas, according to the Fire Brigade.
    But the most severe damages have been reported on Symi after Eurydice reached the island on Monday night.
    Speaking to Greek national news agency AMNA, Greek Civil Protection Secretary General Yannis Kapakis talked about an unprecedented phenomenon for the island.
    Strong downpours flooded streets, homes, shops and rushing waters swept about 30 cars across the small island.
    At least a dozen cars fell into the sea at Symi’s port, triggering a major operation from the Fire Brigade and the Coast Guard as divers checked whether any drivers might have been trapped inside the vehicles.
    No victims have been reported, but authorities and islanders were struggling to cope with the damages.
    Symi remains with no electricity after a power station has been inundated. Problems have been reported also in the irrigation network and other infrastructures.
    According to meteorologists, the cold front will persist through the week.

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