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Malaysia jails laundrette cat killer


18 Jan, 2019 KUALA LUMPUR –  A Malaysian taxi driver who killed a pregnant cat by putting it into a laundrette dryer was jailed for two years Thursday, official media reported, in a case that sparked national outrage.A. Mohanraj admitted breaking animal cruelty laws by causing unnecessary suffering to the cat in the self-service laundry outside Kuala Lumpur in September, official news agency Bernama reported.


Netizens reacted with fury last year when CCTV footage went viral showing two men in the laundrette throwing the cat into the dryer late at night.

They then inserted tokens into the machine to set it running and left. A female customer later found the animal’s carcass and the matter was reported to the police.


Mohanraj, 42, had originally pleaded not guilty to the crime but on Thursday changed his plea, and a judge handed down the two-year jail term. He was facing a maximum three years in prison.”I feel regret. I apologise to all Malaysians and I promise not to do this again,” he told the court before he was sentenced, The Star newspaper reported.


“When I was detained, I was jeered and insulted by other inmates for the crime.”Prosecutors had called for a harsh sentence, arguing the case was “of public interest as it involves torturing a defenceless animal”, the paper reported.

Two other people were detained along with Mohanraj for the crime. Prosecutors last year dropped the case against one of them, while the second has pleaded not guilty.

यो खबर पढेर तपाईलाई कस्तो महसुस भयो ?

काठमाडौं । शुक्रबार सम्पन्न स्थानीय तहको निर्वाचनको मतपरिणाम आउने क्रम जारी छ । हालसम्म

पर्वत । पर्वतमा सातवटै स्थानीय तहमा मतगणना जारी रहेको छ । शुक्रबार सम्पन्न स्थानीय

काठमाडौं । स्थानीय तहको निर्वाचनअन्तर्गत आइतबार अपरान्हसम्म ३२ पालिकाको मतगणना सकिएको छ । ३२

बुटवल । रुपन्देहीको सैनामैना नगरपालिका-१को वडाध्यक्षमा नेकपा माओवादी केन्द्रका भुवनसिंह थापा विजयी भएका छन्

दमौली । स्थानीय तह निर्वाचनअन्तर्गत तनहुँमा छ वडाको मतपरिणाम सार्वजनिक भएको छ । आइतबार