Meta, OpenAI, and Microsoft have announced their intent to adopt AMD’s latest AI chip

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Meta, OpenAI, and Microsoft have announced their intent to adopt AMD’s latest AI chip, the Instinct MI300X, marking a significant shift away from Nvidia’s pricey graphics processors that have long dominated AI program creation. This move, revealed during an AMD investor event, signals a quest for alternatives in the AI chip market.

The MI300X boasts a new architecture and a standout feature of 192GB of HBM3 memory, enabling faster data transfer and accommodating larger AI models. AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, emphasized the performance gains of this chip, positioning it against Nvidia’s H100 and aiming for better user experiences and faster responses to complex AI queries.

However, the challenge lies in enticing companies accustomed to Nvidia’s systems to invest time and resources in adopting AMD’s technology. Su highlighted the need for effort to integrate AMD, acknowledging the work required for companies to transition.

Addressing concerns, AMD has improved its ROCm software suite to compete with Nvidia’s CUDA, a significant factor that previously favored Nvidia among AI developers.

While the price of the MI300X remains undisclosed, Su stressed that its cost—both for procurement and operation—must be lower than Nvidia’s $40,000 per chip to attract customers.

Despite Nvidia’s dominance in the AI chip market, some major players like Meta, Microsoft, and Oracle have committed to using the MI300X. Meta plans to utilize the GPUs for AI inference tasks, while Microsoft intends to offer access to these chips through its Azure web service. Additionally, OpenAI will support AMD GPUs in its Triton software product, emphasizing the growing interest in alternative high-end AI chips.

AMD anticipates a substantial market potential for AI GPUs, projecting a $400 billion market by 2027, showcasing high expectations and the growing demand for high-end AI chips. While Nvidia currently leads, AMD is poised to secure a significant portion of this expanding market, emphasizing a focus on product development and not necessarily overtaking Nvidia to thrive in the space.

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