A female red panda viewed as dead

वि.सं.२०८० पुस १७ मंगलवार


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Mangalbare: A jeopardized creature, the red panda, has been seen as dead.

The female red panda was found dead at Jaubari in Jaubari, Sandakpur Country, Region 5, Ilam area.

A neighborhood Prajjwal Bhattarai resident informed me that they recognized the jeopardized warm-blooded creature while fencing the ranch region close to Gauribas Street.

The city hall leader of Sandakpur rustic district, Sabin Bhattarai, said the dead red panda was shipped off the Veterinary Medical Clinic and Animals Administration Center within sight of domesticated animals in the provincial region, Sandakpur sub-division Deuraili, Choyatar People Group Woods Shoppers Board, Wellbeing Post, and local people.

Jaubari borders India. Local people informed me that the open boundary has incited the poaching of red pandas.

The red panda is found in Jaubari, Jamuna, Choyatar, and other areas.

Albeit a few associations are dynamic in the protection of the red panda, it is yet to be compelling, local people griped.

वि.सं.२०८० पुस १७ मंगलवार १६:२२ मा प्रकाशित

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