How apple Watch played a crucial role in summoning help during a carbon monoxide poisoning incident

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In a recent CBS News report, a Delaware student shared how her Apple Watch’s Emergency SOS feature played a crucial role in saving her life during a carbon monoxide poisoning incident. Natalie Nasatka, feeling extremely exhausted and experiencing blurred vision in her apartment, used the Emergency SOS on her Apple Watch just before losing consciousness. Emergency services were promptly alerted, and the fire department found dangerously high carbon monoxide levels (80 parts per million) in her apartment upon arrival.

Nasatka recognizes the importance of having a carbon monoxide detector, which could have alerted her to the issue earlier. A faulty heater is suspected as the source of the gas leak, a common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning during the winter.

The Emergency SOS feature on the Apple Watch allows users to quickly call for help in emergencies. By pressing and holding the watch’s side button, users can initiate an emergency call, with the option to start it immediately or let it begin automatically after a countdown. Apple Watch not only contacts local emergency services but also shares the user’s location during the call and sends a text message with the current location to designated emergency contacts.

This incident highlights the life-saving potential of wearable technology and reinforces the importance of safety features like Emergency SOS, particularly in situations where swift action can make a significant difference.

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