Gas and manure from strong waste in Birendranagar

वि.सं.२०८० पुस १९ बिहीवार


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Bheriganga (Surkhet): Strong waste has been utilized to create gas and natural compost in Birendranagar.
This is the first of its sort in Karnali, which is being conveyed with individual venture. Krishna Prasad Dhakal, a young man from Birendranagar region 11, has begun changing strong waste into gas and manure.
For this reason, Dhakal has set up a gas plant utilizing German innovation with a venture capital of Rs 140 million. Of the sum, 50 million has been upheld by the World Bank.
Right now, trash from vegetable markets and shops is being gathered. Dhakal plans to gather the strong waste from each family in the district.
The gas business plant is currently creating 720 quintals of gas and nine tons of natural compost consistently. Gas delivered from the plant can be utilized for cooking as well as for running gas-run vehicles, Dhakal said.
As of now, 19 individuals have been straightforwardly utilized in the business that sells gas at Rs 140 for every kg and compost at Rs 25 for each kg.

वि.सं.२०८० पुस १९ बिहीवार ११:५४ मा प्रकाशित

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