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     Fri Jun 9 2023
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India, China welcome Nepal’s proposal on tri-party understanding

16 Oct,Kathmandu: A proposal by Nepal before the trilateral meeting among Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping has received a positive response.

Prime Minister Dahal who is presently in Goa, India in course of attending the BRICS- BIMSTEC Outreach Summit introduced the proposal before the meeting that was held on Saturday night, according to Prime Minister’s Press Advisor Gobinda Acharya. On the occasion, the leaders from three countries discussed about the matters relating to mutual benefits and interests.
Besides, Prime Minister Dahal and Chinese President Xi held ‘a one-on-one meeting’ that lasted for around 20 minutes.
During the trilateral meeting, Prime Minister Dahal reminded that during his previous tenure as the head of the government of Nepal, he had emphasized on the need of tri-party strategic understanding among Nepal, India and China.
“Nepal lies in between two giant neighbours- India and China. We wish to reap benefits of this geographical specialty by working as a dynamic bridge between the two countries,” the Prime Minister said on the occasion. In response, the Indian Prime Minister and the Chinese President welcomed the proposal floated by Nepal and gave their consent to it.
Reminding that Gautam Buddha, Pashupatinath and Janaki connect Nepal, India and China, PM Dahal said Nepal in modern history could serve as a bridge to maintain cordial relations with India and China.
He also said Nepal wants to establish balanced, friendly and strategic relationships with both the neighbours for itself to reach its development goal.
On the occasion, Chinese President Xi said Nepal could serve as a bridge between India and China, saying geography of any country would not play a decisive role in terms of many things like development.
He also praised the role of Nepal in keeping the relations between China and India at equidistance while expressing belief that the relations between the three neighbours would be strengthened in the future.
Likewise, Indian PM Modi acknowledged there are geographical, emotional and cultural relations between India, Nepal and China. RSS

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