८ आश्विन २०७९, शनिबार
     Sat Sep 24 2022
  English Edition

Beijing dismisses Trump-Taiwan call as ploy by Taipei

Dec. 3 : (AFP), BEIJING – A call between US President-elect Donald Trump and Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen was a “ploy by the Taiwan side that simply cannot change… the One China framework”, Beijing’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV on Saturday.
“I do not think it will change the one-China policy that the US government has insisted on applying over the years,” Wang was quoted as saying after Trump broke with decades of cautious US diplomacy to speak with the Taiwanese president.
“The One China principle is the cornerstone of the healthy development of Sino-US relations, and we do not want any interference or disappearance of this political foundation,” he added.

यो खबर पढेर तपाईलाई कस्तो महसुस भयो ?

मोहन अधिकारी, सिलगढी, भारत पशु–पंक्षीहरुको साँस्कृतिक सम्मेलन थियो । सबैले निस्पक्ष निर्णयको लागि सोझो,

कपिल किशोर घिमिरे दाङ्ग, हाल कैलाली १. कलिको माया छलिको कुरा बचने छुरा ।

काठमाडौं । ग्लोबल आइएमई बैंकले २ वर्षमै २ गुणा हुने मुद्दती योजना ल्याएको छ