२६ जेष्ठ २०८०, शुक्रबार
     Fri Jun 9 2023
  English Edition

District Police Office reeling under shortage of drinking water

24 May, Jumla- The District Police Office, Jumla has been reeling under the shortage of drinking water ever since its reconstruction.

The DPO in Jumla was demolished during the insurgency, but the water supply problem has persisted from the time of its reconstruction. A total of 200 police personnel currently man the police office.

Police Inspector, Mukunda Rijal, complained, “We have appealed to the District Drinking Water and Sanitation Sub Division Office to resolve the problem, but still the drinking water problem has not been managed for the police.”

Inspector Kalendra Shahi shared that the irregular supply of water from a tap has forced them to fetch water on vehicle on a daily basis from Karnali Technical Institute located two kilometres away.

The junior officers and other police personnel have been now relying on the nearby Tila river to wash their clothes and to take bath. The police officers complain that they do not get to quench their thirst immediately even when they are thirsty.

यो खबर पढेर तपाईलाई कस्तो महसुस भयो ?

लन्डन । अध्ययनका लागि यूके आएको केही महिनामै बिरामी भएर निधन भएकी २१ वर्षीया

म्याग्दी । म्याग्दीको बेनी नगरपालिका–९ स्थित गलेश्वर मन्दिरमा चालु आर्थिक वर्षको ११ महिनाका अवधिमा