Tragic Collision at Haneda Airport: 5 Dead, Hundreds Safely Evacuated

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Tokyo (Haneda): A tragic incident occurred as a Japanese coast guard aircraft collided with a large passenger plane, resulting in a fiery crash that claimed the lives of five coast guard crew members. Fortunately, all 379 passengers on the Japan Airlines flight were safely evacuated before the Airbus A350 was engulfed in flames.

The coast guard aircraft, a Bombardier Dash-8, was on a relief mission to an area affected by a recent earthquake. The collision happened as the plane was preparing to take off. The pilot survived, but the five crew members perished in the accident.

The Airbus A350, a relatively new and large passenger plane, sustained severe damage, marking the first such incident for this model since its commercial introduction in 2015. The cause of the collision is under investigation, with both Japanese and French authorities involved.

The incident has raised concerns about the fire resistance of composite materials used in the A350’s fuselage. Safety experts highlight that while the aircraft suffered a catastrophic fire, the fuselage initially protected passengers, allowing them to evacuate.

Officials from Japan Airlines emphasized that the A350 was making a normal landing, and permission had been granted by aviation authorities. However, investigations, including interviews with airline officials, will be conducted to determine the exact circumstances leading to the collision.

Passengers on the Japan Airlines flight described chaotic scenes as the plane caught fire, but they praised the cabin crew for their efficient evacuation procedures. Some passengers reported smoke filling the cabin and the temperature rising before a successful evacuation through emergency chutes.

The Japanese coast guard aircraft, a turboprop Dash-8, was en route to deliver relief supplies to an earthquake-affected region. The collision occurred as the JAL plane landed on the same runway where the Coast Guard plane was preparing to take off.

Despite the tragedy, officials commended Japan Airlines for its prompt and effective response to ensuring the safety of all passengers and crew members. The incident has prompted the police to launch an investigation into possible professional negligence.

While the airport’s three other runways have reopened, the accident may have repercussions for the timely delivery of relief goods to earthquake-hit areas. The international aviation community, including Airbus, is closely monitoring the investigations and offering support to determine the root cause of this devastating collision.

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