Telegram’s Newest Update Introduces Stylish Thanos Snap Effect

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Telegram stands out as one of our preferred messaging apps, consistently providing an exceptional chatting experience with frequent updates and improvements. In 2023 alone, the app introduced nine significant updates, culminating in Telegram 10.5 at the year’s end. This latest version boasts a revamped voice and video call interface, a new vaporize effect for deleted messages, and various other enhancements.

While Telegram is primarily known as a messaging app, its video and voice call experiences have been somewhat lacking compared to rivals like Google Meet or FaceTime. However, Telegram 10.5 aims to address this with a redesigned call interface featuring sleek animations, dynamic call background changes, and improved resource efficiency. The new interface is touted to be less demanding on older devices, contributing to enhanced battery life. Further improvements to call quality, connection, and audio are promised for 2024.

A standout feature of Telegram v10.5 is the extensive update to the Bot Platform, labeled as the largest in Telegram’s history. Bots become more powerful and interactive with Bot API v7.0, allowing them to react to messages, manage reactions, quotes, links, and more. Developers working with Telegram bots are encouraged to explore the detailed release notes for a comprehensive overview of the changes.

In terms of message deletion, Telegram introduces a stylish Thanos Snap Effect when messages are deleted, adding a visually appealing touch to the user experience. This feature, initially an experimental addition for auto-delete messages on the iOS app, is now available on both Android and iOS.

While the team hints at more new features in Telegram’s latest release, details remain undisclosed, with promises to unveil them in January 2024. Despite the dominance of WhatsApp in the messaging app landscape, Telegram continues to stay relevant by offering an advanced feature set that appeals to power users. The app’s commitment to regular updates ensures a competitive edge and a satisfying user experience.

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