Covid-19: TikTok pledges $250m for coronavirus relief

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10 Apr. TikTok, the fast-growing mobile video app, pledged Thursday to contribute $250 million to coronavirus relief efforts around the world.

TikTok said $150 million of the funds would be allocated for medical staffing, supplies, and hardship relief for healthcare workers through the US Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and agencies working to distribute supplies in hard-hit countries including India, Indonesia, Italy and South Korea.

Another $40 million will be donated to organizations that serve groups representative of TikTok’s diverse user communities, including musicians, artists, nurses, educators, and families that have come together.

TikTok said it would match $10 million in donations to its “community relief fund,” with some of that going to artists, songwriters, and music professionals hurt by cancelled performances and gig work.

Another $50 million will be applied to a “creative learning fund” to support distance learning efforts worldwide

वि.सं.२०७६ चैत २८ शुक्रवार ०८:३८ मा प्रकाशित

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