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     Sat Sep 30 2023
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Govt loses relevance if local poll not held: Minister Thapa

27 Feb,Kathmandu: Health Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa has said the government loses its relevance if the local level election is not held on May 14 this year.

Addressing a face-to-face programme organised by Reporters Club Nepal here on Monday, he said the incumbent government was formed with the objective of holding the election and it will forfeit its weight if it is not able to accomplish that goal.

“The government will work vigorously for amending the constitution and organizing the election as far as possible,” he added.

Calling on the disgruntled Madhes-centric parties to work in favour of constitution amendment, he suggested them to make the same issue as their election agenda if the constitution amendment was not passed (by the parliament).

Minister Thapa stated that the thinking of the CPN (UML) that the constitution should not be amended and of the Madhesi Front that it should be done at any cost is extremist view.

The Health Minister stated that he has already submitted the names of people for appointment to the vacant post of vice-chancellor at the health sciences institutes under the Ministry to the Prime Minister, adding that the government would soon take a decision on this.


राजेश क्षेत्री निर्दोष, दार्चुला १. थुनेर राख्नुहोस् कारागार के गर्न खोजेका हुन् देशकै माने

काठमाडौं । हाल मनसुनको न्यून चापीय रेखा सरदर स्थानको दक्षिणतर्फ अवस्थित रहनुका साथै बंगालको

काठमाडौँ । सरकार र आन्दोलनरत संयुक्त राहत शिक्षक संयुक्त आन्दोलन परिचालन समितिबीच सहमति भएको

म्यामराज राई, भोजपुर, हाल -जापान ‘जिम्दार साब ! म तपाईहरूकै बालीघरेकी छोरी हूँ ।

ध्रुबप्रसाद गजुरेल,तारकेश्वर, काठमाडौं हराएछ मान्छे समरमा कतै भुलेको छ बाटो सफरमा कतै छ पैदल