२२ मंसिर २०७९, बिहीबार
     Thu Dec 8 2022
  English Edition

Chawahil-Sankhu road section: traffic police at the receiving end of dust

4 April, Chawahil, Sankhu –  The under-construction Chawahil-Sankhu road section is full of fog resulted from pile-up of dust and smoke. The road section has seen all-pervasive chaos with scattered and uncoordinated works on drainage construction, road expansion and gravel placement. It is quite embarrassing to note that the road structure has not come to a smooth shape in the long interval of time. Needless to say, the locals are bearing the brunt of wretched road condition. Even more affected are the traffic police due to sorry state of affairs of the road. Traffic life is at predicament as their routine duty begins and ends blowing whistles on the dusty roads. Samir Dahal, a traffic police on duty at Bouddha road, was seen much busy in managing chaotic traffic without caring dust and smoke. “There is traffic mess as the raw materials including gravel meant for road construction are piled up in the mid-part of the road. There is no alternative to whistle-blowing to remove traffic congestion. We need to get unmasked for blowing whistle every time which is a health hazard”, he added. So far, the road stretching from Chawahil to Sankhu is seen blacktopped only in two areas while rest of the road is completely messy. Hridayesh Sapkota, traffic police chief at Metropolitan City Police Circle Bouddha, said, “We are on road from dawn to dusk. Traffic police even go beyond recognition due to dust. We are prone to common cold, cough, allergy and lungs related complication because of high exposure to dust”. Total 42 traffic police are on daily duty in Bouddha area, informed Sapkota. Particularly, the traffic police deputed in the area of Sankhu and Bouddha are more vulnerable to dust. The road widening drive here has been put in place since a long time back but it seems to be time-taking. Traffic police are performing their duty on the road section for 20 hours a day which has put them at higher risks, said traffic police head constable Bal Krishna Pant. Though Kathmandu Valley Road Widening Project said it would complete the construction soon, it is still uncertain when will the road come to a smooth shape and the people and traffic police get liberation from the troubled road.


यो खबर पढेर तपाईलाई कस्तो महसुस भयो ?

पुष्पा न्यौपाने । घर नुवाकोट । दरबारमार्गस्थित केल्मीको शोरुमा संचालक । तर, उनै पुष्पाको

मान्छेको जिवनमा सम्बन्धको धेरै महत्व हुन्छ तर जब विश्वास टुट्छ वा विश्वास टुट्ने डर

काठमाडौं । नेकपा (एमाले)का निम्ति हालको सत्ता गठबन्धन निकै टाउको दुखाईको विषय बनेको छ

काठमाडौं । भारतको केन्द्रीय सरकारका गृहमन्त्री अमित साहका सहयोगी सन्दिप राना नेपाली कांग्रेसको समानुपातिकको