१२ जेष्ठ २०७९, बिहीबार
     Thu May 26 2022
  English Edition

Individual’s action not above the parliamentary supremacy: PM

18 Jan, Kathmandu –  Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has spoken of the need of ending a situation which evaluates an agitation of a particular person is paramount and in which the constitution, rule of law and the national necessity failed to function.
In his replies to questions by Nepali Congress lawmaker Gagan Kumar Thapa in regard with the government-Dr Govinda KC agreements to reform the medical education sector in a meeting of the House of Representatives today, the prime minister said he was fully dedicated to the parliament’s supremacy and the parliamentary rule of law.
“The government is committed to agreements reached with Dr Govinda KC, it respects the parliament’s supremacy and the government can’t order the parliament.”
He went on to say, “Dr KC’s agitation is related to the parliament and parliamentary supremacy, the parliament holds the right to formulate, change and revise any law . It is place for exercising people’s sovereignty and the government does not exploit the parliamentary supremacy.”
“The agreement is not the final truth as it was made to address the contemporary situation, but the government is committed to the agreement,” the prime minister further added. According to him, everyone shall abide by the defined limitations and rule of law and we all are within the system of the law and constitution. None is expected to consider oneself ‘supreme’ going beyond the system and process.
The prime minister in his response to queries from Prabhu Shah, the Nepal Communist Party ( NCP)’s lawmaker, he said the government would work with priority in regard with addressing the needs of those affected by natural disasters such as landslides and floods. “The government is for serving the people and nation and it will take every problems of the citizen as its own and address them,” he said, underlining the need of children, pregnant and new mothers and vulnerable communities while providing relief to the affected of natural disasters and building houses for them.
Similarly, replying the query by Dilendra Prasad Badu of Nepali Congress, he said the government had seriously taken the media report that some Nepali citizen has their savings in the Swiss Bank matter as the matter was related with the corruption and then the violation of law, adding that the government would investigate into it.
Giving his reply to a question by NCP’s Rekha Sharma, the prime minister said the government was working actively and with much awareness to conclude the remaining works related to the peace process which formally ended the long conflict in the country. Some major works such as the management of arms and combatants had been already completed and common programmes aim to reduce and heal the pains and suffering of war had been in progress. The establishment of peace had replaced the conflict.
Efforts will be made to address the unhealed wounds of the conflict. Discussions are underway with the stakeholders concerned to a find a better way either by bringing a new law regarding the Truth and Reconciliation issue and the disappeared persons or finding another alternative way to address the pains and sufferings left by the war. He assured of provisions in bringing guilty in the heinous crimes against humanity to book.

यो खबर पढेर तपाईलाई कस्तो महसुस भयो ?

सिन्धुपाल्चोक । बाटोमा गुडिरहेको एम्बुलेन्स अनियन्त्रित भएर दुर्घटना हुँदा घरभित्र सुतिरहेकी वृद्धाको मृत्यु भएको

काठमाडौं । भरतपुर महानगरपालिकामा २०७४ मा भएको स्थानीय तहको निर्वाचनमा पनि दलहरुका बीच चुनावी

काठमाडौं । इलामको देउमाइ नगरपालिका प्रमुखले आफ्नो नगरमा आइतवार पनि स्कुल खोल्न आदेश दिएका

काठमाडौं । अन्तिम नतिजा आएका ७ सय ७ पालिकामध्ये नेकपा (माओवादी केन्द्र)ले १ सय